‘From Water’ is an ambient-electronica EP by Irish composer Paddy Mulcahy.

Acting as the follow-up release to the producer’s critically acclaimed album ‘The Words She Said’, the 5-track EP takes us on a colourful and delicate journey as portrayed by the familiar tones of the composer’s array of synthesizers and percussion instruments.

As the EP unfolds, we learn that Paddy’s focus here was more directed towards the aesthetic of electronic instruments, instead of that of his close-mic’ed acoustic piano.

From Water is upbeat & positive with undertones of nostalgia and sadness. It was inspired by the portion of the River Shannon that flows through Limerick City in Ireland toward the estuary.

Lifted from his new ‘From Water’ EP on Phases Records, ‘You Could Walk Across The Shannon’ is a warm, synth led gem that invokes the likes of Tangerine Dream, Nils Frahm and Four Tet’s more cinematic, ambient moments. Following from his stunning 2017 LP ‘The Words She Said’, Mulcahy’s two decades of musicianship are reflected in the consideration and patience in this composition.
— DJ Mag
A bewitching return, its enigmatic air is riddled with moments of austere yet undeniably beautiful melody.

A moving new piece ‘Krieks’ airs through Clash, and it’s a wonderful return; a slow-moving, absorbing work that feels like an aural photograph.
— Clash Music Mag