'The Words She Said' writes its own personal story through the use of traditional instruments and experimental recording techniques, offering a deluge of emotional and sincere beauty.

1. Rifo's Dance
2. Brother Walks In
3. Arms
4. Fire & Storm Song
5. On A Hill In Swinford
6. On The Steps
7. Luke's Tree
8. Clicktracks On Mars

Artwork: Art By Eoin
Released: March 2017

Buy: 12" Vinyl

The album was started in the Summer of 2015 during a recording trip around Germany and London. 
Paddy then continued to work on the album while finishing his BSc degree in Music Production at Limerick Institute Of Technology. 

Download & read the accompanying thesis here:
Capturing Music In The Moment

The album was inspired by the similarities and contrasts between pianos and synthesizers, and this relationship was conveyed through the use of various recording and mixing techniques.